About Richard Burton, author of Godsent
Richard Burton grew up in New York State as one of six children. An avid reader and creative writer, Mr. Burton's debut work of fiction is both controversial and compelling. Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Burton moved to Dallas, Texas where he currently resides. An accomplished attorney, he specializes in corporate law and commercial litigation. In his leisure time, Mr. Burton enjoys playing competitive tennis, working out, and spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid dog lover and has a very energetic German Shepherd. Mr. Burton is hard at work creating his follow-up story to Godsent.
Questions Frequently Asked of Mr. Burton:

(1) Describe your book in 50 words or less:
Set against a backdrop of political turmoil and dueling factions within the Catholic Church, Godsent is about the intriguing and often times shocking ramifications of God sending a second Son to Earth in modern time. At its heart, Godsent is an emotional and very human story of compassion, deeply guarded secrets and sacrifice.

(2) Can you tell us about the story and a bit about the main characters:
Initially, the story centers around Kate Skylar, who is an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl with an extraordinary destiny. Out of all the women in the world, she has been chosen by God to bear His second son, a boy named Ethan whose life promises to be every bit as significant as his older brother's ... provided he can stay alive long enough to realize his true purpose. From the instant of his birth, Ethan is hunted by a secret society within the Catholic Church whose sole purpose is to capture or kill him. This group, the Congregation, draws on the matchless computational power of an artificial intelligence called Grand Inquisitor, a top-secret Vatican computer created to analyze the raw data of confessions and other portents from around the globe in order to pinpoint the time and place of the birth of the Antichrist. Now that power will be turned against the Son of Man by a corrupt Pope, Peter II.

All that stands in the way is a second secret society - - one devoted to the protection of the Son of Man. Conversatio, Latin for "The Way," is led by "Papa Jim" Osbourne, a rich businessman and political kingmaker from South Carolina who believes his destiny is to bring America back to God ... by any means necessary. He is also Kate's grandfather, which makes him Ethan's great-grandfather. Unfortunately, under Papa Jim's control, Conversatio has become as corrupt as its ancient adversaries in the Congregation. If they seek to protect Ethan's life, it is only so that they can use his powers on their own behalf.

As Ethan grows up in anonymity, ignorant of his true identity and sheltered by a foster family of Conversatio agents, he must come to terms with his miraculous abilities and the heavy responsibilities that accompany them. First his foster family, then his friends, and finally the woman he loves will all be drawn in to the fierce ongoing struggle between the Congregation and Conversatio. In the process, Ethan's most deeply held beliefs will be challenged and overturned. Hunted, manipulated and tempted, he will nevertheless find his way to a faith as strong as it is revolutionary.

Ultimately, still only a young man, but with a lifetime of heartbreak, astonishment and tragedy behind him, Ethan stands before Pope Peter II and is presented with a fateful choice: a choice that will determine the future of all mankind. And for Kate, an equally difficult struggle looms, as well as a mother's devastating choice.

(3) How has the community responded to your work:
The response has been overwhelming. People have related so well to the story and have been particularly drawn to the emotional theme of courage against a backdrop of intrigue and secrets. Readers have felt a personal connection to the very real and powerful messages which are embedded within a story laced with suspense and action.

(4) What did you find to be most exciting about designing the main character:
Ethan, the main character, is literally the Son of God. Obviously, therefore, designing his character was both very challenging and rewarding. The most exciting thing for me in writing this story was being able to "use" Ethan's character to discuss numerous very significant social issues like bigotry, the decay of man's moral fiber, abortion, poverty, drug use, etc. Ethan speaks at numerous venues around the world at different points in the book. He uses those opportunities to inspirationally reach millions of people. All eyes and ears are on him. It was incredibly fun to put myself in the shoes of such a character with a blank slate and say whatever I wanted him to communicate.

(5) What makes a good thriller?
In my opinion, a good thriller first and foremost must have a great "hook." The hook can be any number of things including a special character, a unique event or an overall emotional resonance that draw readers in. From there, a solid thriller needs the right balance of suspense and action with an emotional connection that allows readers to be "vested" in the events that take place along the way and the ultimate outcome. A good thriller should grab you from the beginning and not let go!

(6) What do you do when you're having writers block to "shake" it off?
I have experienced this problem both as an attorney and a fiction writer. I have never been able to "force" writing to happen. When I am in the "zone," material flows from me in every direction. When I hit a wall, I stop and allow my mind to totally disengage from the subject matter I am writing about. I can turn the art and act of writing on and off very easily. When I am in "off" mode, I immerse myself in something else creative to bridge me back to the real writing task at hand.

(7) What do you do in your spare time when you are not writing?
I am an avid and competitive tennis player. So, I spend a lot of time playing that sport. In addition, I enjoy working out in the gym several times a week. I have a very energetic and eager German Shepherd that also keeps me on the go. I still practice law full time so that keeps me busy too!

(8) What are you currently working on?
I am currently writing a sequel or follow-up story to Godsent. The characters and plot possibilities are endless and I am enjoying developing the next "chapter" to the saga.