About Godsent the Book
Praise for Godsent:

Godsent has captured the hearts and minds of its readers and is quickly becoming a much-talked about best seller. With its fast-paced action and controversial plot twists, reviewers and readers alike can't stop talking about it. Here are just a few samples of what people are saying about Godsent:
"Richard Burton is a master storyteller who has created an amazingly visual page turner."
-Imprint Entertainment CEO Michael Becker
"In further proof that Richard Burton might just be the hottest new author around, Godsent was recently picked up for a movie by the producer of the Twilight series."
-White Glossy Underground Board
"The 'DaVinci Code' may have sold a whole lot more copies, but 'Godsent' is in many ways a superior story."
-The Celebrity Cafe
"With its deeper, more sophisticated narrative, classifying Burton's brilliantly imaginative effort as a Da Vinci Code thriller sells it short."
- Kirkus Reviews
"Burton's thought-provoking thriller takes the reader on an adventure that engages the spirit while challenging the mind."
-Jeffrey Small, author of The Breath of God
"If you love conspiracy thrillers and if you enjoy discovering a sparkling debut talent, then you need to read this book. Richard Burton has expertly crafted a page-turning epic which has profound things to say about life, love, and spiritual faith."
-Glenn Cooper, bestselling author of Library of the Dead
"The Da Vinci Code on steroids...People of all faiths will be talking about this book."
- Dan Nathan, co-host of CNBC's Options Action
"Absolutely riveting...a fast paced thriller that keeps you wondering until the very last page!"
- Dr. Cheryl B. Richardson, President CBR Consulting
"An amazing and compelling novel. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."
- Nancy DeRosa, Author of There's No Place Like Home, A Penny's Worth, and Lazy Robert
Plot Summary:

Kate Skylar is an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl with an extraordinary destiny. A virgin, Kate suddenly finds herself pregnant with what she believes is the Son of God. Out of all the women in the world, Kate is convinced she has been chosen by God to bear His second son, a boy named Ethan whose life promises to be both tumultuous and enormously challenging . . . provided he can stay alive long enough to realize his true purpose. It won't be easy. From the instant of his birth, Ethan is hunted by a secret society within the Catholic Church whose sole purpose is to capture or kill him. This group, the Congregation, draws on the matchless computational power of an artificial intelligence called Grand Inquisitor, a top-secret Vatican computer created to analyze the raw data of confessions and other portents from around the globe in order to pinpoint the time and place of the birth of the Antichrist.

As Ethan grows up in anonymity, ignorant of his true identity, he must come to terms with his miraculous abilities and the heavy responsibilities that accompany them. First his family, then his friends, and finally the woman he loves will all be drawn into the ultimate battle of good versus evil. In the process, Ethan's most deeply held beliefs will be challenged and overturned. Hunted, manipulated and tempted, he will nevertheless find his way to a faith as strong as it is revolutionary and make a fateful choice that will literally determine the future of all mankind.

As for Kate, an equally difficult struggle looms as well as a mother's devastating choice.